Julie Benitez — Hudson, Illinois

Julie Benitez might appear like a faithful, caring better half and also mom, yet she’s not all that ideal. She is a wedded mom of 2 youngsters. She mosted likely to senior high school with my partner and also gotten in touch with him on FB. Understanding that he’s wed, she proceeded an improper connection with my other half as well as did so for more than a year. Regardless of the amount of times I’ve aimed to inform her partner, he will not think a word I state. She assumes it’s amusing that she’s obtained her other half assuming she’s the best other half with the excellent life, obtained her a$$ all up in my currently stopping working marital relationship. I’m ravaged that my marital relationship of 10 years with 2 youngsters, is primarily over as well as she reaches have my partner and also maintain hers as well as her life as well as marital relationship undamaged. In my eyes, she’s horrible as well as I wish she obtains a check out from Karma, quicker as opposed to later on!

2 thoughts on “Julie Benitez — Hudson, Illinois

  1. Any humiliation this brings that fucking cunt will NEVER be enough. She’s a vicious, sadistic, vile bitch. Always has been, always will be.

  2. I would love nothing more than to slit this hideous cunt’s throat and laugh my ass off as the worthless life drained out of her piece of shit carcass. The same goes for her two fat little spick bitch kids.

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