Julia Cannon — Brookhaven, Mississippi

My husband and I have been married for 10yrs, have 3 beautiful children. Well we ran into a rough patch last year and he had a 2 month affair. We have since moved forward and are doing better than ever but obviously this nasty little slut can’t take a hint. My husband finally came clean to me told me everything how he told her from the beginning he didn’t want a relationship he was just having fun. She told him she was okay with that she enjoyed making married men’s fantasies come true. She told him she had an Ashley Madison account and was fulfilling lots of married men’s fantasies how it turned her on knowing men were married, she would make them tell her how much better she was than their wives. When my husband told her he had made a mistake he was going to tell me everything, Julia tried telling him she had fallen in love with him she wanted to leave her husband so they could be together ( he knew she was sleeping with other men he would watch from what she told my husband sometimes she it was a “cockhold” fetish where the husband watches another man plow his wife) my husband told her she was crazy and to leave him and his family alone. My husband came home and told me everything. Needless to say I went looking for her she never would come outside so I messaged her let her know she messed with the wrong woman’s husband and my husband was in the dog house for a really long time. Her response was “she didn’t care if he was married it made her want him even more knowing he had a wife and children”. She has continued to message him on FB saying she is pregnant doesnt know who the father is how she and her husbamd split up because he beat her but she had to go back to him because she had no where else to go. She pretends to be this “innocent” christian woman which is far from the truth. She also has to use photo editing to try making herself look better. The picture of her with brown hair is what she really looks like. Baffles me why some men trade way down when they cheat. So if you see her on your husband’s friends list you might want to watch out for her. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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