Juanita Tellez Perez — Bristol, Virginia

This woman pursued my husband as hard and ruthless as possible. I had breast cancer and she knew from day one he was married and didn’t care. She too is married with 3 children. She would provoke my husband by talking about sex all the time and I wasn’t in a place to be very sexual, even though I did do my best to keep him satisfied. She is like the devil, she sweet talked him into talking about me, our family and our home. She would take my husband to her house right after her husband would leave the house and drop off her lil 4 Yr old to the babysitter so she could do what she wanted with my husband. And yes, she had sex with my husband in her husband’s bed and even showered with him. When I found out she, swore on the life of her children that they had only done it once and that was a big fat lie. Her and her piece of shit sister Veronica, came after me and saying all these lies about so many things and attacked me emotionally. Ladies, beware of this witch, she works in payroll department of MyPlumber in Manassas, VA and lives in Bristow, VA. She is a real slut, she talks to all the guys there at work about sex and sees who falls. She uses the work computers to email and get information on the employees and their families and the company doesn’t do anything to stop her. They allow it and fraternization. Nobody let this woman near their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends, she has morals and her mother did a shitty ass job of raising a lady. Her and her sister, are worthless pieces of sh*t.

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