JR Mills Professional Rodeo and Cheater – New Jersey

JR Mills is a professional cheater and womanizer. He will sleep with anything that is out there. He has a woman in nearly every state and take money from them all the time. He has been in jail for taking these women for a ride and taking money. He gets from state to state or rodeo to rodeo with making up stories about his dad being sick or needing to get home to help them. One of his stories was a girl took all his money and he lost everything because she put him in debt. NO! He was in jail. Never had anything to his name that has not been repoed! He will steal whatever he can get from you ladies. He was married and did it to her and then kept doing it to her after they divorced. The guy is a loser. He will take you back to his truck at a rodeo and none of his friends will say a word. Beware of this guy!

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