Joy Jones — Jefferson City, Missouri

Joy Jones presents under the pretense of braiding hair BUT what she really wants to do is perform oral sexual favors. She really feels it is her calling in life and believes GOD sends her customers her way. They met at work and she offered to perform favors. He took her up on her offer. It didn’t matter to her that he was married, that’s actually her preference. She vowed that their secret would remain within the 4 walls of her apartment. He would creep over to her place late at night after everyone in his house was asleep and quickly return before anyone would awake. This worked fine for her initially because it would give her opportunity to clear out her other customers. Well, she started to catch feelings. She was demanding to be seen in public, wanting him to come over before dark and wanting him to stay longer than 15 minutes. She began to get arrogant and felt as if she was really accomplishing something by doing what she was doing. She began to brag, boast and thank GOD for her new man. Whenever he couldn’t/wouldn/t make it over, she would perform sexual favors over the phone via modern day technology. Once again, her plan didn’t work out for her. The home she continues to wreck is her very own home. At least twice per year, she is left all alone once again begging GOD for answers. She continues to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Men if you need favors, look her up. No money required just male genitalia. You will find her easily. She hops around Jefferson City and surrounding areas. She is not limited to Missouri. She has been known to hop around Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Tennessee. Oh boy, here she comes she’s a Man Eater.

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