Joseph Perez — Lufkin, Texas

So this guy constantly is on all the gay hookup apps and literally tries to talk to every guy possible. (Can we say desperate?) yes we can! Well not only does he/she look a hot mess but she’s also the type that will sleep with anyone and everyone. I’m posting this on behalf of gay guys everywhere. Girls like these give us a bad rep. If you want to sleep with Angelina County to make yourself feel good about yourself then go for it but married men and taken men are off limits. If you feel that bad about yourself just get on a damn treadmill fatass. You’ll still be hideous but at least you won’t be a blob. Now I’ve heard of this girl having a disease also so guys watch out. Not that you would go there with this person. I mean look at it. She works for a hospital in Lufkin so she’s well known and uses that as her advantage. I’m writing this too because she’s tried to talk to me in a romantic way but fuck no and then of all the things I know about her. All these things are 100 % true so take this as a warning. Even you ladies. Your man may get horny enough he may even resort to screwing something like this. I just threw up. The horror!

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