Joren Jaromir Eilers – Netherland

This evil bastard is dangerous to women. Joren Eilers is a straight up level 10 PSYCHO demon who lives in a fantasy world of sick twisted, dysfunctional, delusions and is a completely gross dirty unwashed, nasty man who makes up phony stories about his whole life .He’s a complete liar who does women dirty. Ive never seen anyone like him. He’s creep who creates wild lies about dating all kinds of porn and fetish models that hes never even met before! He pathetically spends all day online just stalking women that he pretends hes had a life with, but when i ask these women they say they never met him or only met his crazy a** once . He says he’s in these imaginary relationships that he’s had with women that he never met or only met once,now that’s insane? Joren is highly manipulative and a compulsive lying dog who can’t keep track of the women he manipulates so he calls them all “sweetie” because he’s juggling so many at one time. He’s very proud of the fact that he doesnt’ wear a condom ever.Don’t go near this perverted lying creepy possibly diseased weirdo with a wart on his p****, he’s very convincing because he’s good at making you believe what he wants you to believe. .An a****** who thinks he’s better than everyone know it all yet he’s just fake, fake.fake don’t trust this psycho stalker loser!! Be prepared to have him blame you for his own b******* and when he’s confronted he’ll twist the story to make it look like it’s your fault.AVOID THIS PSYCHOPATH AT ALLLLL COSTS!

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