Jonathan Jeff, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Jonathan Jeff has a known criminal history that he has brought his way away from jail time. He has ties with the NOPD. He has a record of domestic violence, animal abuse, and rape charges. His friends at NOPD erase his charges and he is roaming free to do his crime. He has cheated on his fiancée numerous times as well as beat her into a coma. She can’t leave him because he will kill her and their children. He has already kill her dog in front of the kids to show her a lesson when she did try to leave him. He has a history of killing animals. He killed his ex girlfriend cat in her yard with his gun. Jonathan cheats on his fiancée with pre op trans woman and men. If your a trans woman stay away from him. He ended up having a trans woman beaten to death after his fiancée caught him cheating to hide his identity. Gay guys he used them for their money and whenever his fiancée won’t give him sex. She has caught numerous stds from his no good cheating ass. Jonathan is part of the Coast Guards and he has men and women coast to coast and his fiancée doesn’t know about it because she is too scared to leave him or even questioned his whereabouts. He used to work at Walmart, but he was fired for stealing the food. He would go on his break and lunch to go eat the food off the shelves and leave the trash there just like the garbage ass person he is.

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