Jonathan Jeff – Louisiana

Jonathan Jeff is a very evil man. He is a stalker and animal abuser. He gets a high out of torturing animals. He shot his ex girlfriend’s cat in her yard. If you refuse to be with him. He will hired hitman to try to kill you or he will try to kill you himself from escaping the relationship. He has domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, but he works for NOPD and he gets off of everything with his tenor. He cheats and abuse his girlfriend, but stays with him because she always think he’s going to change but it gets worse. She’s have been in the hospital numerous times because of him. He loves to sexually torture women without their consent. He worships Satan and his life goals are to used women and to drop dead to go to his master Satan. He has no life and no soul. Run when you see Jonathan Jeff for your very own safety.

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