Jon Stancer – Big Star To Be Is a Washed Up Cheater & Shameless Liar

Let me tell you about this piece of shit loser fuk Jon Stancer. He is a narcissistic con-artist and a piece of shit who will manipulate anyone. He self finances his music that sucks . He’s a big time ticket scalper in the city of Toronto.The goof sells tickets to people but also sells drugs. The guy is a total goof and a loser.


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    The person responsible for this post is a maniacal cyber-bully who has been harassing and defaming this artist online for over 2 years. All of the posts about this artist on this and other similar websites have been authored by her. She is a known criminal and she has nothing better to do with her sad and pathetic existence than to wreak havoc on the lives of innocents in this completely cowardly fashion. Many of her victims have children (including this one) – which speaks volumes as to how cruel and heartless she is. She is completely bereft of any decency or moral compass and spends her time creating these insane lies about people (who she has never met), simply to pass the time. Thankfully for all involved, she will find herself behind bars very soon…

    If this website were in any way legit, the operator(s) would ban this deranged lunatic from using this site and her posts would be removed immediately. However, the site owner is as much of a scumbag / low-life as the author of these posts, so they’re not going to do anything about it, allowing this loser to continue her vicious smear campaign against her innocent victims.

    For anyone who is reading this, just know that there is nothing remotely accurate contained in this post. It is entirely made up. The fact that sites like this exist, that there are people who actually provide a forum for this sort of bullshit, is a very sad comment on the state of our culture. They too should be incarcerated. Lives are ruined by this sort of thing. The operators of these websites couldn’t care less about what’s true and what’s not. They refuse to acknowledge legal documents that contain actual proof of this person’s criminal actions and simply shrug at the notion that families are suffering because of her. Hopefully, karma (if not the law) will get them too.

    … and for all of the other massive douchebags who post shit about other people on this and other similar websites, true or untrue, GET A LIFE and stop messing with other people’s.

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