John Morley – Berlin, New Hampshire

I am Jack’s sister-in-law and I found out that he had a penile implant put in last month. He told everyone that he was having a hernia repaired. His wife told me he has a 2.75 inch erection that always falls out. Also, he is a big time exhibitionist. He even exposed himself to me on Facebook.


  1. John M Morley

    I am an exhibiionist and especially enjoy exposing myself to teenage girls and tweens. In factI exposed my tiny penis to three teenage girls as they walked to school in Berlin New Hampshire just last week. One girl,who was snot 14 took my picture. This is my hobby and I won’t ever give it up.

  2. Andreanot my real name

    Jack, I’m a woman who works with you and everyone at work has seen your little thing and know you are an exhibitionist. Let’s see how long you keep your job. We’re all taking bets LOL

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