John Melle – Pennsylvania

John is a serial cheater with a wife and 2 boys at home. He seems to go after attached women, meaning friends wives, mothers from his sons baseball team, multiple secretaries at his job(unity printing), not to mention a co-worker of his wife. His wife finally came to her senses and left him, and he royally screwed her. Emptied all the bank accounts, left her and the boys with nothing. Now they are living in a halfway house, while big John is living a very expensive single mans life. Meaning with 3 less mouths to feed and not paying child support or alamony, the party budget is quit large. John is an unrepentant cheater unless he is talking to one of his ladies. Then he is very much “I’ve never done this before, your so special I couldn’t stay away”. This man is very fond of boasting about how long it takes to have sex with a new lady without a condom. His record is two dates with a married co-worker. What a thing to brag about. I am a former friend of John (our kids were on the same baseball team), but had to distance myself. This man is a predator and I didn’t want him around my wife or daughter, no foxes in my henhouse. To the ladies of Westmorland county, John Melle is not rich, he is not single, he cannot get you on tv, he cannot do anything but cause damage.

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