John Aljilore – New York

In October of 2016 I met a guy we started dating we were intimate I saw him every week spoke daily by December right around Xmas he started acting strange I knew he had an ex out of state I’m in NYC she with their kids was in Nc in her own relationship I saw a pic of a woman in her late 40s maybe on his Instagram in his comments she called him baby he told me she’s just a lonely lady I see online. That led me to investigate I searched his number and found his fb page he was not 33 he is 45 that woman is his wife his beautiful African name was a lie he had been in prison he was here for seasonal construction work this man was talking babies and falling in love with me the whole time he was married I feel dirty like he made me the other woman which I would never consent to he is a liar and cheater his name is John aljilore I hope I am spelling that last name right his wife Dina Smith. On Instagram he goes by dahomiekingomie tell his wife to check his amex bill hotels white castle etc o and his p**** has a 5 minute max on being hard for u ladies that date this creep small too .919 537 6972 his number .Karma

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