JoeAnd Rain Joe Ramirez Ranielle Chavez – San Diego TX Odessa TX, International

Joe and Rain had an affair while Joe was married. She broke their marriage up and is trying to play mommy to his kids. Nobody likes her. We know she’s a slut . She has many boyfriends that she has been sleeping with. She posts nude photos and attacks the wives of these men. She is fake. She is a liar. She calls family and tries to be friends on Facebook so she can save pictures and stalk the men and their families. Ariana has to block her and change her number and go to the police when Rain started stalking her. They said there are 5 more cases against Ranielle Chavez born 3-13-84. She is 34! 6 years older than joe. She’s a sad old broken woman. Needs a daddy for her children. Well joes babies needed a daddy to. You had no right to spread your legs and ruin families. You will never be welcomed into our family. Aren’t there Native men for you to chase? Your not Hispanic. Stop trying to pretend that you are. You are just a cheap and ez slut. What morals do you have? You have none. I wish joe could see what I have seen about you. Your mother. Your sister. What kind of relationship can be built on lies? Cheating and breaking up homes and families. Shame on you. I love you joe but you are making the worst mistake of your life. 

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