Jodi Ferguson-Jordan — Cleveland, Ohio

Okay Lancaster, let me tell you about a little slore that lives on Campbell Ln. Her name isJody Ferguson-Jorden, this b1tch will do anything for attention, and for a job. Jody has only kept a job for a year, and has been fired from everyone she has ever had. Her last job was with the juvenile detention center here in Lancaster, where she was let go for inappropriate actions with another male’s CO’s. Hell, she has only been with her husband for two years now, and they were just married in June, well a year and a half ago she ran off with some guy in Zanesville, and then found out she was pregnant. Her poor husband (boyfriend at the time) didn’t even know if the baby was his or not, so they had to do a paternity test. Jody is such a liar that if she told me the stars were out tonight, I’d have to go look for myself. Jody is so manipulating, and always the victim, and doesn’t care who or how many people she hurts with her sloring around. Jody will lie to your face, and swear on her baby’s life and yours, she not lying. If this b1tch had as many d1cks sticking out of her, as she has had in her she would look like a Porcupine. Guys of Lancaster don’t get to excited thinking she’s an easy score, she will burn you, as she has this little issue called DRD if you don’t know what that is you better look it up. Jody tries to tell everyone her poor husband didn’t catch this from her but it’s clinically impossible, I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure he would have had to catch it by now. Jody is also a badge bunny she used to do ride along with Lancaster Police, but for some reason she isn’t allowed anymore, Humm I wonder why that would be. I feel so sorry for her husband he is a good guy, just stuck I guess. So, if you come across Jody you have been fair warned.

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