Jerry Scruggs is a cheater and the loser

Back in 2012 we had split up I got my own apartment but we were still seeing each other then I went into the hospital to have a test done why was in the hospital they ended up putting a hole in my intestines so I had to be admitted so I had called him and he proceeded to tell me he didn’t need to fucking know nothing not to come back to the house he change the locks the meantime I get out of the hospital after 5 days and go home and my daughter precedes to tell me there’s a car in the driveway so I go up there he’s got some other girl they’ve been there living with him well he got this girl out I guess that 25,000 old girlfriend she should have known how it was he cheated on her with me did he start it to me again cuz he moved her out I lasted for a little while and then it stopped and then he started treating me like shit again he called me up Cuts me out hung up on me I called him back and told him I wasn’t going to have it I deserve better I took care of him for years when I first met him he had nothing he didn’t even have a vehicle he had a car a boat a four-wheeler it is living room all he had was to Orange chairs and a table that was from outside that the leg was broken like I said he did have shit now he’s with another girl Erica Cox farmer he works for our good old Shelbyville Kentucky courthouse nice to know that our courthouse is got such honorable people working for him that they will go with married men and moved in with him he starts she 30 and he’s 52 he’s got a daughter that he don’t even see or take care of and a granddaughter that he don’t give the time of day and now he’s taking care of a 30 year old this man is a piece of shit we were married for 19 years we’re still married because he’s too cheap to give a divorced so please stay away from Jerryscruggs he’s also got a twin brother named Terry Scruggs so if you see this man coming run because he’s nothing but a gold digger but when we got together I was getting $1,800 a month and Social Security from my deceased husband what’s that was gone he told me I had to get a job I got a job then I got sick and then he turned into a piece of shit because I couldn’t help no more so he is nothing but money digger so hold your purse is tight women

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