Jennifer Leiss — Portland, Oregon

This girl had an affair with my husband that went on for two year. Which is absolutely both their faults. However she made sure to cause problems in our marriage and recorded her and my husband together and made sure I heard it on Christmas day. We separated that day in front of our young children after 14 years of marriage. We were only apart for 3 months and my husband realized how much he loved me and wanted his family. He dated her off an on for those three months. This girl is a stripper that worked at the pallas lol, sells her dirt underwear online, is a raging alcoholic and does cocaine. She even got pregnant from another man and tried to tell my husband it was his baby until the other man called and my husband could her what he was saying. No one wanted a baby with her because of what a sloppy mess she is and she had an abortion. Now my husband and I have been back together for eight months and she will not leave us alone. Calling begging my husband to see her. Telling him to go have sex with her because that is all she has to offer. No man wants her for anything else. She lies and says she is 21 lol she is 26. She just doesn’t want anyone to know what a loser she is. We have had to change our phone numbers, emails and have hired an attorney to get her to stop. Please stay away AND LET US HEAL.

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