Jennifer Grace Tenney — Newton Falls, New York

My HUSBANDS very 1st girlfriend ever has destroyed my life and my childrens.. After she cheated on him many years ago so they broke up.. Then when my HUSBAND and I had our first child, she came back into the picture and she thought she was going to wisk my husband away and raise my week old baby.. WRONG BITCH… so after he seen her, she was the size of and elephant so he said how disgusting she was, and she cheated on him with her STEP FATHER (I no, you just puked in your mouth huh.. me too) and he quit speaking to her 9 years ago.. Now we have 3 beautiful children and are marriage was a tad rocky so this HOMEWRECKING SLUT being so godly has convinced him to move out and be with her.. Sadly he did and threw his wife and kids down the drain.. Although they say the love eachother SOOOOO much and its so real, they why has he Blocked every person on the internet including some of his friends and me… HES HIDING THE WHORE…. Ladies keep your husbands locked up because she likes to spread her legs on the 1st date or 1st second a MARRIED MAN might say your beautiful.. shes opens her cum dumpster… My husband will regret this and it will be to late as I filed for a divorce and they lawyers are hitting him with everything he has… I hope they live in misery and as always, they will cheat on eachother… Juan and Jennifer, I hope you rot in hell…

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