Jennifer Fendley Salter — Milton, Florida

This woman has fucked over 14 different men at the same job before she was fired. She f***ed a married man. She continues to have sex with other men when she claims to be with the married man that she once slept with…


  1. Slut finally exposed

    I bet it was way more than 14 men she was the biggest slut at Andalusia High with her Im sure she has only become worse sleeping with a married man while sill married is not new for her but she could always cry her way out of this crap act like she is being victimized so happy her true colors are on full display for everyone to see her manipulations and schemes

  2. abusing trash id Jennifer Fendley Salter

    Finally exposed short in star and morals her doe eyed bullshit finally exposed
    her cheating child abusing demeanor exposed
    praise god
    save others from this unholy trash

  3. Be accontable

    be accountable you nasty woman. Jennifer Fendl;ey Salter, the depths of hell are to good for a bottom dweller like you
    the Lowes of the low

  4. apria homehealth care hires abusers

    How can #apriahomehealcthcare in Pensacola allow this type of abusive woman responsible for the people you are given authority over to be cared for by this woman who has deceived the law she is a terrorist of morality she is an addict she needs help but you are allowing her to abuse others

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