Jennifer Colledge – Surrey

This Dirty pepsi slore is a drama and gossip queen who is so out of control, she will take you on a bi polar ride. Jennifer cheats on her long time man and uses him for rent. She will suck any dudes c0ck that gives her attention, drugs n money. Writes lies and nasty things about her friends on social media when she blackout drinks. Didn’t work for almost a year by scamming company for disability pay over fake back injury, so she could sit on her as55 n suck c0ck while her bf worked to buy her expensive sh1t.

Went to the psych ward 4 times out of choice cause she’d rather claim crazy and get sympathy, then afford her own rent.Proudly claims being a cashier at the local petsmart pays for her nails, hair and booze habit, but we all know its the tool she uses at home n random c0ck that pay for everything.

Nearly everyone (girlz included) in the lower mainland has seen this b1tches hooch as she loves to get naked randomly at parties and talk about her ol stripper days that didn’t pan out- as she forgets she isn’t 18 and hot, but 30 and now a hasbeen. Side Boys: Don’t worry about knocking up this ugly on the inside hack, she is also pretty open about the many abortions she’s had and will continue to have!
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