Jenni Crisafulli — Los Banos, California

Ok so about 3 years ago Jenni and her then husband were going through a separation because supposedly he cheated on her. Well she was pregnant at the time with her 4th child and she was unsure who the father was. She had been cheating on her then husband while he was at work and then lying to everyone saying he was cheating on her and was so heart broken, crying and all “please feel sorry for poor pregnant me.” Well that was all a cover for her story!! She slept with one of her best friends husbands while they were still married!!! And the entire time she was pregnant she had affairs with any married man she could find. She would use them for money until she found someone better. Last year her best friend confided in her about her marriage problems and Jenni, instead of being a comforting friend, decides to sleep with her husband in their bed while she was at work. On many occasions she would sneak over to their house or he would sneak over to her house and they would sleep together!!! Now they are engaged and he’s cheating on her while he’s at work, and she is still is sleeping with other guys. She says she’s working but her house cleaning job is a cover to sleep with as many men as she wants and get paid for it. So she’s basically a prostitue and who cant be trusted!!!

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