Jeaunluc C Bryant – Washington

I see this piece of s*** is on here. I too have genital warts that i got from this man as he claims. He still lives with his mommy. I work in the healthcare system to. He preys on women. He hangs at the Viking in Lacey. He also did the same things with me like he did with other women in blocking me when I questioned why these other girls were texting and Facebooking him. Then would unblock me when he wanted sex. I know after I started looking into him he was stewing a nasty women by Karri Wood. Jeaunl would send me shower pictures which I know he sent to many other women. I laughed because he had a cheap Ford Focus that he put stickers on and thought he was cool. His mom pays for the car. I feel so sorry for his two girls that have such a turd for a father. He works for Stericycle in Tacoma 1701 Alexander Ave. Tacoma Wa 98421. Also be careful he has a friend named Tony Pizzo who is a pervert to. I hope more women come out about this a**. “PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND HIM “

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