Jazmin Lopezz — Lawrenceville, Georgia

This woman will become your friend and flirt with your husband or boyfriend, She likes them young… well younger than her husband as far as I can tell. I used to feel bad for her because of the stories I had heard about how she had been treated by her husbands family when they entered their relationship in high school more than 13+ years ago. I felt bad until I witness her making out with her nephew from her husbands side. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her husband because I didn’t want to be in between something like that and I knew she would turn the whole situation around and somehow end up the victim. Which she did and acted like her nephew was gay, ha!! He has a girl friend now that he not so hung up on his aunt. After all of this happened I caught my boyfriend her younger nephew that she saw grow up and her sexting. His excuse was that she asked to see his package, he’s an idiot. If you come around this woman stay far away don’t let her fool you, she is a conniving slut who isn’t happy with her own marriage and only stays with he husband for interest.

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