Jazlyn Hrem — Winnipeg, Canada

This is Jazlyn hrem, a 21 year old bar star sloot that thinks she’s a Winnipeg celebrity because she buys followers on her Instagram. You can usually find her at any bar that serves alcohol because she can’t be sober for longer than half a day. But don’t worry guys no need to feel bad for her! Jazlyn and her family are apparently rich and can afford ANYTHING ! That’s why they live in the cheapest newly developed area in TRASHCONA. Too bad her dad filled for bankruptcy about 10 years ago… so clearly not that rich…She’s usually hanging out with her baboon lipped friend autumn turski, doing pepsi in their cars that they miss their monthly payments on,or off random guys d1cks. Jazlyn you aren’t hot, you aren’t a local celebrity and you def aren’t rich. Stop trying to impress social media, because once people see your face without filter, angles, and likes you just simply look like a fuking man, especially with that raspy low voice of yours.

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