Jason Tyler Phillips — KansasCity, Missouri

Jason Tyler Phillips… what a poor excuse for a so-called man. This guy not only looks like a douche but he is a douche. Beware ladies her play a little sad story just so he can live with you for a little bit then tells you he wants to build a bright future with you. SMDH. This man also has no type of responsibility can’t maintain an apartment car payment and a TV payment. Will literally tell you all your flaws but never willing to accept his own don’t worry he’s got plenty. Let’s start with the check the guy is so doped up on adderal did he can’t help but snore every 5 seconds. Then let’s talk about the suicidal sociopathic side he’ll try to make you feel so bad talking about he wants to go kill himself but you do is not really about it stop talking about it. This is the show me state. Will literally try to make you seem like you’re the crazy one but he’s some more emotions in a female could ever contain. Don’t forget about it is weird little quirks how he walks like he’s had it up his a55 how his head so big but he doesn’t realize actually how small he is. He’ll tell you how to spoil you but with what chump change? This poor guy can’t even buy a Rolex he bought a $40 watch instead. He also claims he’s from Northeast but mommy and daddys money truly says another story. He even told me he broke up with a single mom because she didn’t have a car how f***** up is that let’s Blastoise douchebag once and for all for no man can’t handle his own responsibilities. Buck up baby boy cuz the girls are taking over. Dude is such an idiot he’ll admit that he doesn’t listen to his female just so he can argue half the time I didn’t even think he thought about what he said he just said it. The kids got no real knowledge never going to go anywhere he’s never going to amount to anything and he definitely cannot bring any woman happiness.

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