Jannie Mete Dietz Ni — Copenhagen, Denmark

We were happily married for 30 years with a house, 5 cars, two sons and lot of money. Everything was amazing right until he met this Danish woman online. Behind my back they shared naked pictures and movies and he said he began to fall madly in love. One day in December he suddenly just disappeared… left a note saying he was in Denmark. When he came home after a few days he said he was sorry and he loved me. New Year he disappeared again to go right back to this woman. Now a couple of months later he give her a plastic ring and she said yes. He’s leaving me in debt, and abandoning our sons and everything. All because this 50 year old man thinks that he is in love with this 27 year old teenager. She’s a “realitystar” from Denmark. Fucking every man she can openly on tv. He’s running away from his responsibilities without leaving a single dollar for us.

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