Janelle “Joey” Brooks — Columbia Falls, Montana

So 2 yrs have gone by since this ugly whote tried to turn my world upside down. She succeeded for a bit. But only until the first conversation I actually got to speak to my sons father alone, withoit her telling him what to say and do. She told him she had beenstalking him at his work, and on fb. Thetefore she knew we had a 17 y/o child and had been together for 20+ yrs. I could tell something was amiss in my man….just being distant, I had my suspicions, but NEVER thought it would end up as bad as it did. After he came home one early morning, we argued. I asked him if he would go to counseling with me, he replied no. I took our family photo, set it on the ground, and put my foot thru it. He left. The next thing I know is the police showed up at my door and arrested me for assault! I DID NOTHING TO ASSAULT HIM!!!! He went to the skanky blowjob qieens house and she convinced him to file addault charges, after they conjured up a scratch on his nose. I was arrested! On a weekend. I’ve never been to jail before and was scared to death. No such thing as innocent until proven guilty! At least not till Monday when I could see a judge. Mind you, I still had no idea aboit the ugly whore. My emotions were crazy. I thought I was crazy. Sitting in jail wondering why was I there. Fast forward….I get out only to find a restraining order had been placed. I had nowhere to go! No belongings, no nothing. A week later my son calls me at a friends tells me this cunt is over for dinner…I looked her up on fb and went back a few months seeing how she swooned my man. You sexy beast, your so hot….blah blah blah. Eventually I got my own apt. And my son moved in with me. He hated being around her 5, yes 5 kids! (STAY TUNED) for the rest of the story….

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