James Yellow — Los Angeles, California

James Scott is a liar a cheater and a deceiver he lied to me for three years of my life making me believe he loved me I’m only 29 years old and his 52 years old he played with my heart made me cried many nights he would always make me jealous and send me pictures of other woman I caught him sexting another lady by the name Kim dawn Oliver he cheated on his ex wifey with her . James Scott works at Lax he loves running after young girls and breaking there hearts ! James during our three years he had to take viagra , He loved getting his asshole lick and rubb on finger in it – I pleased him until my last day we even had a three sum because he kept begging me , this man doesn’t care who’s heart he steps all over if it’s a hustle or money involved he would Step all over to get it he broke my heart on Xmas eve the best gift someone can receive so now is my turn to let the world know ! James Scott is a 52 years old he was two children James Scott and Sky by a different woman and 4 other kids By another woman as well he talked about his current ex wife so bad it’s ashamed how a man that said I love u last night breaks up with u on Xmas eve over a leather sale He thought I wasn’t gonna go but in reality his the one who mess it up for us ! All he wanted was my employee deals it’s pathetic I hope God punish him and he pays for what he had done to me I will never forgive him for lying and playing with my heart and soul.

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