Jaclyn Rhodes — Detroit, Michigan

This crack/meth addicted alcoholic will gladly sell herself to you for $20 and a cheap motel room (so she can send you on your way and invite more gentleman over, of course). This girl is not even close to friend material. She will talk shit about literally everyone at some point. She is a manipulative hypocrite and will do anything to get what she wants. If you drink with her, you will have to be prepared to drive her back to her grandmas house and carry her lifeless wasted body into the house where you will then get yelled at for 20 minutes. She makes friends at Necto just so they will buy her drinks and then she f***s half of them afterwards. She used to be my bestfriend but she would rather get d***ed down for money than hangout with someone who’s broke. Bitch lost a 5 year friendship because she couldn’t get $20 for drugs/alcohol. She has had DRDs 5 times and has a state warrant so dont get caught with this one!

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