Issamar Garza-Silva — Laredo, Texas

She broke up my marriage.. She came into our lives and fixed her eyes on my husband. She is married and her husband told me she is a whore and cheats constantly. Even my husband found messages of her to another man. What an idiot! He left us about two months ago and was seeing her. He wouldn’t admit it of course. He’d say she was a whore and never touch a thing like her. He could never feel shit for a Whore. Ect. Oh did I mention we have two kids and I’m pregnant!! With 4 prior miscarriages! She starts sending me photos and crap. I finally had the proof I needed. So I confront him and he Denys it until I show him photos. And he goes off saying he meant when he said he could feel nothing for the whore and whatever. Oh and Issamar has two daughters!!! That she leaves with her mother in law. Bc she doesn’t watch her kids. Yup her husband at this point doesn’t want her. My husband ask to come home and I didn’t know what to say. I’m torn Bc before this we were happy! We were so happy. And I don’t know how people service this. But wives if your husband befriends this whore tell him to not even talk to her!! She’s a whore!

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