Irina Rose And Kendall Jones — Key West, Florida

Russian self-proclaimed Gold Digger Irina Rose and Kendall Jones, a married dentist and father are exposed in their 6 year long affair. Irina married one man and later divorced him after he got her citizenship in the US. After they divorced, she began sleeping with an 87 year old married man her bought her a house as payment for the daily sex. Irina Rose and Dr. Kendall Jones DDS began sleeping together when Kendall’s wife took maternity leave in March 2011. A few years into the affair Irina grew impatient when Kendall didn’t leave his trusting and loyal wife. She secretly stopped taking her birth control and had his baby I. December 2013. He didn’t leave his wife until she found out by a sex tape of the 2 of them. This woman will sleep with anybody to set up her financial future.

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