Hot Mess Is A Sloppy Mom

Nik, this nasty floozy is Jayme Michelle Simpson. Owner of failed business Hot Mess Salon in South Surrey. I can not begin to how terrible of a person she is but also a mother. She claims she is a “social lite” and a business owner Yet she can’t pay her bills or her staff. Or go a day without fucking her sons hockey coaches. Poor kid doesn’t know how fucked up she really is. She got a DUI and told her clients about it as if it’s something to be proud of. When she isn’t “working as a salon owner” she’s at Cactus club with a different guy or girl every night. Who pay for her bill every time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had crabs or an STD of some sort. THIS HOE BAG needs to be steered clear of! She is a pathological liar and will do anything to get your money for her drugs because what who’re doesn’t put the money they make into their own “business”?? Hot Mess she is I’m glad I got out when I did before she ruined my life like everyone else’s.

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