Heidi Rushforth Extortionist Prostitute Los Angeles STD predator

My ex… The name Heidi Rushforth or Heidi Berg pops up in the CDC so many times for her stds she probably holds a world record. This messed up druggy trash is not just an std sharing prostitute. She is an extortionist. SHE IS A DANGEROUS PREDATOR who solicits sex from 22 year old boys (and younger) using social media like @HALLOUMI_HEIDI on Instagram, myspace.com/339400436 and facebook.com/people/ heidi-rushforth/616241309. She publicly posted on Instagram to Antonio @ajondrus and David @high_explorer she wanted it “in her nice butt” and then after “it was just what I needed” with a video taken by @high_explorer and tagged @ajondrus One of the extortion victims she infected with STDs and took a payoff from the rapist’s family to stay silent regarding the rape of another woman. That 22 year old victim of Heidi Berg Rushforth (and rapist of an innocent woman in Dove Canyon) was in the IEP system from age 3-18 with speech delay and processing issues. That Mother also claims he is brain damaged. He was an easy target. Easy prey for a criminal prostitute like Heidi. David claimed Heidi taking it on the rocks until she cried from AJ was why one of the sexual assaults he is being accused of occurred.


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    This trash made all her sex solicitations of the young guys public on instagram. On @high_explorer Aug 1, 2018 video Heidi Rushforth aka @halloumi_heidi “it was just what I needed” 2 penis rocket emojis. What a disturbed predator. The parents trying to cover up a sexual assualt submitted info into the Orange County courts data base. Their partner in crime is an std spreading prostitute from Los Angeles who has anal sex with mentally ill bi sexual kids!!! Dumb criminals all of them. She wanted it in her “nice butt” with a peach emoji. Tagged @ajondrus SAD!

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