Heather Matthews and Christian Huber – North Carolina

Lying cheating husband and friend. A friend I used to have named Heather Matthews was divorcing from her Husband. I invited her to move into my house with my husband Christian Huber so that she can finish her year long separation to finalized her divorce from her husband. At the start of her moving in everything was fine then my husband decided that it would be perfect to have her Surrogate a child for me in my husband for which we have not been able to conceive for 8 years. She agreed without question. She got drunk one night and admitted that she wanted to f*** my husband I blew it off because drunk people say stupid stuff all the time and my husband heard it which is why this plan was so perfect for him. Him and her both knew that she was never gonna give it up if the plan went through. That same night after I said The idea was fine for her to bear our child he started f****** her behind my back knowing that is not what I wanted. The entire time that Heather Matthews was living in my house Christian Huber was f****** her behind my back when I went to work when I left to get groceries when I gave them a brief moment of aloneness. I was so p***** off my boss wanted to kick their a** my friends didn’t like him everyone was turning on him. I’m a kind hearted person and I know I probly should know forgave them the 1st time but I didn’t hit them I didn’t throw a fit I need and yell I just threw it under the rug and pretend like it never happened because I didn’t want to believe it. My husband admitted it that he had feelings for her because she could give him a baby and I could not. 2 weeks later before I kicked her out found out she was pregnant wall was at work. And she claims that its Christian huber’s baby. I beat the c*** out of her and threw her out of my house. After promises and promises of leaving her alone he still contacts her still once her still everything. So I’m playing the cool person I’m waiting time document everything in my house for hit that cheating b****** with a divorce and take everything that he f****** has.

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