Heather Jean Sauerwin — Stuggart, Arkansas

This skank has been harassing and stalking me and my husband for 3 years now she refuses to give up she starts to message him and I every other month like clock work asking for money from my husband who she dated before we got together and trying to convince me that he has been talking to her … she is a known lier and shit starter .. she has two kids by two different men one she doesn’t even have and she doesn’t even know who the other ones dad is.. she sleeps around with multiple men manipulating them in to taking care of her and her kid because she can’t keep a job and uses her kid as a pawn to make people feel sorry for her.. she’s a full blown stalker and has even had two different females press charges against her for harassment I will be the third she make look a a harmless horse with those teeth but she is fucking satins spawn!!!

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