Heather Bier — Vale, Oregon

This “woman” is a selfish, manipulative, mentally delusional, deaf excuse for a human being. I met a guy in September and we hit it off really well. In October he moved my 2 year old daughter and I in and we became official. Heather messaged him a few days after we became official and said she wanted to talk. He told her he had a girlfriend. She began telling him how much she loved him, wanted him back, and was willing to abandon her son if he would take her back. I was aware of this. He quit talking to her when she caused problems between us. A few weeks later she started again with constant texts, Facebook messages, and calls all hours of the day and night. He tried to ignore it but she manipulated him. He repeatedly told her he was in a relationship. She continued and then showed up to our home at 10 pm to talk to him, saw me and my daughter and got pissed and went to the neighbor’s to begin begging him to come see her. She has known that we live there. He did give in to her lies and he’s not innocent in any part of this. He decided to try and have his cake and eat it too. After I ended our relationship he asked me to sleep in the bed with him. I refused. Heather is a rumoured drug addict, habitual liar, notorious for sleeping with anyone and everyone she can. As soon as she found out he had moved on she was determined to ruin it. Watch out for this woman. She also works for his company.

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