Hassan Vindictive – New Jersey

I dated Hassan for a year. During that period, he constantly belittled me to make himself feel in control. He checked my phones, computers and correspondence all in secret. He is a barely 5’5″ skinny man. This Moroccan man cheated on me from day one. He would wait for me to fall asleep to send texts. When I caught him multiple times, he made it seem that it was all me. He would tell me he was working late but would go out on dates. When I asked him to go out, he would make excuses that he is a working man and is barely making any money. Come to find out he makes twice as much as I do. He just couldn’t since he always had other plans. One night wanting to surprise him, I went over to his place and found him with another women. After a month we got back together, but he was still doing the same thing. He started dating a women from Brooklyn and because she is a nurse her schedule was not an issue for him. He would see her on Thursday and Friday night when she was free and he would tell me he was working late or the second shift.

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