Hakim Malik Puertorican – Tennessee

This dude is a true joke , a cheater .. He is a walking joke of Memphis .I’m glad to see more & more people are coming out now to expose him now .thats long over due .If You believe his lies , then you are a wack job as much as he is … He”s always lookin for someone to help him on the come up & if his plan falls thru the floor , trust & you better believe that he will turn on u in a heartbeat .. he dated my cousin a couple of years back & he has a dark dark relationship history with the ladies … Many don’t know the truths about him because he lies about a lot of stuff about himself .. he has people feeling sorry for him and he will lie thru his teeth to save his own skin at any costs ..Try him & you will see for sure …Memphis has a lot of good for nothing people but this dude tops the cake … I’ve heard he has kids all over the place & prob better believe he doesn’t take care of them as he should .. he truly gives pueroticans here a bad name .. people def need to know about This cat . Coming from a mans point , he makes it hard for the good man here & or women to want to deal with us ..

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