Guy Babcock aka Guy Sanderson Babcock , is a paedophile in Oxfordshire, UK,

Guy Babcock aka Guy Sanderson Babcock , is a paedophile in Oxfordshire, UK, originally from Guelph, Ontario , Canada. This Creten has a long history of grooming and sexually abusing adolescent boys . He sent messages to say he was ‘horny’ and had ‘dirty thoughts’ about him when he fully knew his victim was underage. Guy Babcock pursued a sexual relationship with what was a vulnerable teenager who he plied with alcohol and drugs. He arranged to meet several boys under 14 for sex at hotels across the country and had been speaking to at least 39 decoys online at the time of his arrest. He told [several decoys] he would book a hotel room to facilitate the threesome. As part of the sting, members of the Plymouth Against group set up decoy profiles and spoke to Guy Babcock over messaging apps. In the messages exchanged between Guy Babcock and the decoy, the conversation quickly turns from general chit-chat to sexually explicit content despite the paedophile knowing the account he was talking to was supposedly 14-years-old boy. This Piece of Shit is a Predator. Guy Babcock works for The Myers-Briggs Company and has access to personal information of people. Boycott The Myers-Briggs Company and file a complaint about this animal on the The Myers-Briggs Company website.
The Myers-Briggs Company Oxford Brookes University
Elsfield Hall
15–17 Elsfield Way
Oxford OX2 8EP
United Kingdom
+44 1865 404500
[email protected]

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