Gretchen Seiple — York, Pennsylvania

Gretchen Seiple worked with my husband. Every time we’d be in a argument she’d convince him it was my fault and say all this bull to him. She knew he was married for years and we were together for 12. She also knew he had 3 kids and one on the way. She still slept with him multiple times gave him oral in the work parking lot. She told him if he didn’t leave me she’d kill herself. She convinced him to come out to the bar to talk about ending things which was bull.  She rented a hotel room in advance. This girl is an awful person. I hope karma comes back to this woman. She tries to get pregnant by married men to rip them from there families she’ can’t get her own Man all she looks for is the taken ones now she’s in the Ashley Madison site looking for Married men. She just doesn’t stop.

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