Giselle Juarez — Scottsdale, Arizona

Soo this week a star ASU softball player named Giselle Juarez announced she was ‘leaving’ the team. It made headlines around campus and everyone wanted to know why. She didn’t give a direct answer and just stepped around it. Its because the REAL reason is she’s been a naughty girl. Her boyfriend is a scummy dude named Grant Collins. They’ve been turned into the school for hosting private parties which featured underage drinking. I think the other girl who left the team left because she got in trouble and the university is covering it up to protect the softball program. Grant and Giselle have an open relationship and I know she was sleeping with a lesbian girl named Julia Knecht who likes to wear blackface. I was wondering if anyone up on here has been to any of Grant and Giselle’s private parties? I know Grant has been accused of stealing stuff from his roommates and hawking them at pawn shops. He’s also a pepsi head. I know many of my fellow frat brothers have parties with these people and what really going on is so different from the real story.

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