Gerard Abate – Palm Coast, FL HERPES CHEATER LIAR



  1. Beth

    He is on many different sites and when he travels he does this too. He has HERPES the kind on private parts. No lie. He chases women and is very sick and vulgar. There are other women coming forward who he chased and messed with. It;s big stuff going to happen to him. he doesnt want to pay his wife

    1. Melanie

      How is he vulgar and sick? Please tell !! I have known him for years and have never known him to be vulgar , in fact he is exactly opposite. He’s one of the nicest most compassionate people I have ever known.

  2. Bobby

    I recognize this jack and met at a meeting thru a colleague. He finds ways to get away from his wife and he appeases and sugar coats her to cover. Stayed only for convenience all these years. Been skirt chasing a long time and when he talks he sounds gay. So sorry for the poster and others afflicted. that is horrible. Lock up is appropriate.

    1. LaLa

      Lock up!! Hahahaaaa!!!
      Someone now gets locked up for cheating in a lifeless sexless marriage?? Dear lord let’s lock everyone up!!!
      Where’s the pictures of the herpes?? The kind on his penis. Wtf. You Mary are an and friends ( if it’s not just her w/ diff names) are an idiot

  3. anon

    Oh, this guy is super nuts. I agree with post and seen him at conventions. He’s nosy, has no life, a big mouth, and a tag a long trying to be important and fit in. He’s vertically challenged, unkempt, barely any hair anywhere, has growth on his nose and smells. Look at him you can tell he’s ill. No surprise he’s on here and no surprise hes herpes ridden.

    1. Curious

      Lol, I’m not understanding the immaturity here. He smells??? Vertically challenged??? Omg ladies. You’re embarrassing yourselves now. Herpes on his private parts???

  4. Curious

    Super nuts? What does that mean? Cheating and doing business with are related how? I’m just wondering if someone can explain. This sounds like someone being super immature. Or perhaps a vengeful woman . Just an observation. Please verify maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Melanie

      You’re not wrong
      This was a vengeful woman who’s extortion backfired. Unfortunately there are sites like this to air indiscretions. Everyone’s human . Sorry for his wife of course but they’ve been unhappy a long time . None of it is anyone’s business not even mine.

  5. Cathy

    Allow me to jump in. So a married man on dating sites representing himself as single FOR YEARS and having affairs taking selfies AT WORK and on sites ALL DAY while employed, also calling a colleague a “hoochie mama” is compassionate and credible?? A man who criticizes his children in many ways not only making fun of his son having a tattoo of a dog that died and his son’s wife who has a tattoo of an endangered animal is compassionate? This is just a start he rips them all. A man who broadcasts that his wife was in vitro 3 or 4 times is compassionate and was never good in bed? Along with so much more? You get YOUR facts straight. Have your compassionate man take an STD test. Has He? Lol and omg? mature? I believe when he falsely represents himself and tells all of this to his buddies it IS anyone’s business. He has a dark side and quit covering up. Typical for this type. If they’ve been unhappy for many years is this the way to do it? It is fortunate for these sites. Always an excuse for liars and cheaters.

    1. Melanie

      I don’t need to have him take a test … he’s not my man as you put it. That’s not how I know him. And I’ve actually had a conversation about the kids now a days getting tattoos and how they’re different than old school. I don’t understand my kids tattoos either. It’s baffling! Hardly were we making fun of our children.
      You my dear sound like a prude just like his wife. I think you better check your husband also. You might enter his name. They’re all unhappy.
      So no.. I personally do not think staying is the way to go about it. I’ll advise divorce. And be happy!!!
      I’ll also advise having a little more class than he/they have been having with these dating sites and extramarital affairs.
      I will also throw in a suggestion they get tested for std’s.

  6. Cathy

    To be married and cheat is one thing but to lie and say single is another. Just like his job and abusing that. What did he do that he doesn’t do anymore? Can you put on here? What was he? And he has an STD? He may appear to YOU he is compassionate but he’s probably ripping you just like he rips his best friend apart and everyone else -not talking about tattoos. He has a very dark side and the ladies on here know it and dealt with it. He’s been doing this for YEARS. It is fortunate to have this site

  7. Don

    This is really ridiculous Judy and your entirely blaming the wrong person. Mr. Abate had his test done by KHSS Health who handles STD testing for different labs. He tested positive for HSV 2 IGG greater than 1.09, as a matter of fact his range was 21.6, so yes he absolutely and positively has it. He does have genital herpes and he is on other sites stating he is single. You know better than that Judy, he’s been on cheating sites before by other women. Please stop manipulating it is distasteful and very untrue. And we are not all unhappy.

      1. Jennifer

        So I don’t mean to be intrusive but I’m curious. Have you been with him recently? He’s been communicating with me for the past month. I’m just trying to see if he’s playing me. Is he truly separated?

    1. Bystanders

      Doesn’t hippa only apply if it’s a dr etc ? If someone else got their hands on the positive or negative test result then hippa doesn’t matter correct?

  8. bystander

    Br Careful about “HIPPA” laws. It does afford a person certain privacy rights under ACTS passed through legislation.

  9. Facific Ocean.

    Pacific Ocean November 20/2019.

    Caitlyn, you wrote on October 24/2019 at 10:00pm.
    Caitlyn I hope that he doesn’t seeing you and I at the same time.

    Yes this man he is cheater and liar, he will try to impress on you that he’s caring person. He used his tricks and charm, he will do little things to help when he’s around you to miss lead you, to make you think he’s Mr. wonderful.
    I last saw him in the middle of September 2019 and had sex with him during this time. He still corresponded until the end of October, I stop texting him and didn’t hear anything from him since.
    He stated that he’s separated on the dating site, so many evidences to tell me it wasn’t true, this cheater just a big lies to get women had sex with him.
    I hope one day his wife make him pay for his actions big time.

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