Genevieve Flock — Natick, Massachusetts

This is Genevieve Flock. She is 26 and comes from Connecticut but now lives in Natick, MA. She may not look like a homewrecker. She’s a student at UConn, studying for a doctorate, and was raised in what looks like the Walton’s. She does not act like some trashy ho but don’t let that fool you – this woman is a bitch and can cause you an incredible amount of pain if she takes your man. Genevieve may appear extremely sweet and wholesome. She seems like the kind of person any girl would want for a friend – and this is what she uses to befriend women in order to get close to their man. And men love her because she loves to stroke their ego and indulge their interests, passions and fantasies – especially if their women are not doing so. This bitch slept with my boyfriend, a coworker, on more than one occasion which ended our relationship. I understand she is always flirting with older,married men and there’s even talk that she spent the night with a married man while his wife was out of town and did everything she could to end the marriage. This woman is a sick, twisted bitch who will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. Genevieve has perfected the innocent act so well that you won’t even know what’s happening until its too late. Ladies, do not be a victim. Keep this disgusting creature away from your man.

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