Gavia Brown — Kingston, Jamaica

Hurt, distorted, embarrassed and out of place are some of the things that have been plaguing me for a whole year now. I found out that my husband was cheating on me with this woman Gavia Brown last year around this time and I’ve been battling exposing her ever since, now that I’ve moved on and I’m happy again with someone else I feel rather weird revisiting this but here I go. This chick is 20 years old she was my little brothers girlfriend for 2 years… prior to this situation she would come to my house play with my sister even play with my son, imagine my surprise when I found out that while I trusted her in my space she was eyeing my husband (by the way I say husband cause we haven’t gotten a divorce yet, in Jamaica you have to wait a year first), I found a series of messages between him and her he nicknamed her little devil and I suppose that was because of all the erotic sh*t that she allowed him to do with her. It sickened me to my core knowing she knew I was there, she knew who I was, she knew he was married. She came into our home and destroyed it. I have been focusing all the blame on my husband and have totally ignored the fact that if I ever saw her again I’d literally tear her up, so instead I’ve decided to vent here. Thanks for providing this avenue really helpful…

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