Gaby García — Joliet, Illinois

I went to high school with this person and even spent the better part of a decade working with her. She was considered a friend. Over the summer she began pushing the “friend” aspect of our relationship. She attended family parties and came over very often. She had our kids hanging out and even encouraged our husbands to be friends. What I didn’t know is that she wasn’t trying to be my friend she was trying to take my husband! He admitted to an affair and broke it off with her. Now she’s has the nerve to be mad that he didn’t leave me to be with her. Actually crying to mutual friends and playing the victim. I’m sorry, Gaby, that your dream world didn’t work out for you. My husband has woken up and now has to lice with what he’s done. You need to wake up and hold yourself accountable. You are not the victim! You are a truly awful human being and you deserve whatever sadness life gives you. (These are photos of her on a shopping trip us “girls” went on where she just had to take selfies so I can send to my husband/her lover)

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