Gabriel Servello – North Carolina

This man is a serial cheater. He will flatter you with lies and deceit, and then when his wife becomes aware he will break it off, but be warned, if you are foolish enough to believe his garbage and lies, he will continue to come back to you until you get tired of his games. His wife Hilda knows he cheats and she allows it as long as no one finds out. She is more concerned with her reputation and what other people might think if they find out, so if you are unfortunate enough to get tangled up with him, he will demand that you be discreet. He usually meets his victims where ever he’s working. This is the reason he usually doesn’t stay at a job more than a few years. As soon as his current affair turns bad he will leave and start the cycle all over.

One thought on “Gabriel Servello – North Carolina

  1. This sicko also molested his son, and Hilda lies about it for him. She would listen to a man who has been cheating on her for 30 years before believing her own child.

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