Frank Reuter – Florida

Frank Reuter is a worthless human being, he is a piece of trash a liar and a s***. He sounds like Mickey Mouse due to the fact that he has a very high pitched fem voice. His voice is extremely hard to ignore it is like nails on a chalk board every time he speaks. He wants to be a dentist but I’m pretty sure that this will never happen due to the fact that he has no morals or integrity. Frank Reuter actually sent out a picture of his own a****** in the hopes that someone would f*** him. He got up from the dining room table while doing homework went into the bathroom and took a picture of his a****** while his family was right there. This is the kind of disgusting behavior that he is known for. Worst of all is the fact that he is a compulsive liar that would rather ignore this fact then talk about the situation. I know now what a horrible person Frank Dean Reuter is and I am sure that his family and friends ( if he has any) will soon find out as well. I hope you never get into dental school, I hope you never find happiness and most of all I hope that you have someone treat you how you treated me. F*** you you Tranny voiced piece of worthless s***.

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