Flor Issa Garza — Laredo, Texas

So I was seeing her and it was cool. She has two daughters she introduced me to. She said she was getting divorced and what not. She did anything I wanted. Even gave me a blow job at a bar. Anything I wanted I got. We didn’t live in same cities but we talked and made plans. One day I go get heck with a buddy of mine and bam I had chlamydia! I tried calling her nothing. She contacts me after my mother passes. And her new guy calls me to leave her alone. Lol. Poor bastard had the clap and was protecting her. Two night later she calls me telling me he was some friend that wants something with her but she doesn’t see him that way. She straits saying she misses me and so on. And then hangs up. Her husband call me back! He asked who I was. I’m just thinking this dumb bitch is screwing everyone she can. Man I’m lucky I didn’t waste any more money on this whore. She is willing to travel to give head and ass. But don’t risk it by now who knows what she has!

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