F**k Everyone Spamming The Same People Over And Over – Every Cheater Site, International

F**k everyone s******g up this website spamming the same people over and over and making it unreadable for everyone else. You’ve posted your article and we read it, move on with your life. I’m tired of seeing the same 5 rants being reposted every g*****n day, same text and everything. F**k the ugly prostitute who spams that Darren Ambler guy she can’t get over, f**k the sandnigger who’s calling everyone Islamophobic, maybe that Becca Husselbee girl has a point. F**k the person who keeps spamming URLs of some f****t named Aaron Greenspan. You all need lives. This website is for exposing whores and I want to read about NEW people for a change.

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