Fiona Jankowiak — Pensacola, Florida

So first I noticed how much this woman would comment on my husband’s facebook. Normally i don’t mind my husband look’s great and i dont mind other people’s comments. Eventually her comments were more vulgar. She even went as far as offering her car to MY husband. I had had enough by then and obviously told her what i thought. Skip a week or two she sends me a message saying her and my husband had been seeing each other on his lunch breaks and after work.. I was in the wrong and immediately believed her. After i collected my self and thought about it i knew she was lying. My husband always calls me on his lunch breaks and most of the time he doesn’t even take a lunch. As far as after work he is always home on time never late!! I told her she was a liar and get a reply saying that she made every bit of it up. She explained she just wanted my man and wanted to break us up!! It’s been about a week and I’ve thought very hard about writing this.

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